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Describing this as ‘a gripping detective mystery’ is absolutely spot on – I couldn’t put it down.                                                                                                                                     Roxy Starr Blogger

Chris Collett really knows how to reel you into a good story. From the first page, it simply flows effortlessly until you’re lost within a world of Deadly Lies.                                                                                                                                                                                       Mystery Thriller Week


Collett leaves us wanting to know more about her protagonists lives, and hoping for a sequel.                                                                                                                          Judith Cutler

Innocent Lies
Dead of Night kept me hooked. Collett tells a good story, but her strength is the characters.
 Reviewing the Evidence

Collett writes superb UK police procedurals. Mariner is a cop’s cop and the kind of detective I would want looking for me if I disappeared. Kudos!


Dead of Night

Collett is a wonderful writer, subtle, clever, strong on atmosphere and character.

Yorkshire Post
Innocent Lies

“Convincing and highly readable.”

Deadly Lies

A gripping plot, a likable yet flawed hero, and plenty of unusual twists make this one an excellent choice for British-procedural fans.

Blood and Stone

Collett’s sixth series entry demonstrates her aptitude for juggling multiple story lines and for creating memorable characters. Never flagging in this outing, she sustains a high level of intensity covered by a thin sheen of nostalgia.

Library Journal
Blood and Stone

Clever plotting and brilliant characterization.  


Publishers Weekly
Stalked by Shadows

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It started, as most good stories do, with an idea that wouldn't go away. To exorcise it, I wrote it down. The scene led to more scenes, and before I knew it I had the skeleton of a story. It took me a couple of years to flesh it out and a little longer to pluck up the courage to show anyone, but eventually it became Deadly Lies; the first outing for Detective Inspector Tom Mariner.

So what was that idea? As a special needs teacher I've worked with children and adults with autism spectrum disorder, many of whom have little or no means of communication. What would happen, I wondered, if the sole witness to a serious crime was a man with ASD who had no way of disclosing what he saw?

Why Birmingham? The obvious answer is that I have now lived here for longer than I have lived anywhere else. But perhaps my conscience played a part too. Like most people who don't know the city, I was mostly disparaging of what I understood to consist entirely of spaghetti junction, the concrete jungle of the Bull Ring and row upon row of tower blocks. I very quickly learned how wrong I was. And what Birmingham has in spades, is everything a crime writer could possibly want.